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Where do I start? What digital tools do I need exactly? How do I attract funding? These are questions many entrepreneurs have as they aim to employ the latest technology to make their business more efficient and profitable. We will help find the answers and more than that –  we will work with you to find ways to actually test and implement new technologies for your business.  

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Guide for entrepreneurs

European Digital Innovation Hub is here to be a digital guide for all entrepreneurs, supporting the digital development of our country. We want to cultivate the international competitiveness of our local businesses, putting Latvia firmly on the digital map of the world. To make this happen, we are currently concentrating on helping small and medium-sized enterprises find their way in all the digital solutions and knowledge options.

We operate in accordance with the smart specialisation strategy of Latvia and have identified areas most in need of creating new products and technologies and additional research expertise. We think that in order for the national economy to grow we need to encourage digital transformation in manufacturing industries such as agri-food, electronics, engineering, timber and medicine. For this reason we are most active inviting entrepreneurs from these industries to work with us.

European Union initiative

We are part of the European Digital Innovation Hub network, created by the European Commission, aiming to help European businesses improve their processes, products and services by using the latest digital technology.

We operate in accordance with such European initiatives as European Green Deal and Industry 4.0. European Green Deal is a plan to make the economy of the European Union more sustainable by using green technologies and reducing air pollution. Industry 4.0 aims to revolutionise manufacturing processes by integrating smart technologies and programs and putting big data to use.

Digital transformation and skill building

No matter whether your company is skilled in using digital technology or wants to get there, we are ready to support you. And besides advising you and helping your digital development, we will bring you together with reliable companions – experienced partners from the IT industry and science fields.

We help businesses develop in two directions. First of all, with us you can start or continue the digital transformation of your company. That means transforming your business by putting the latest technology to use. Secondly, we offer digital knowledge and skill boost to businesses – various educational workshops, specially designed programmes and tailored lectures.

We can help any business set the target for digital development and together we can reach it in the most straightforward way!

How to start working with us

Start with the “How digital are you?” quiz and find out the digital maturity of your business. The results of the quiz will also serve as a good starting point for our collaboration. When we have them, we can much better advise which digital development paths and solutions are best suited for your particular business.

To find out more on how you can collaborate with us, check out the Partnership section.

How digital are you?

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