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As it was the Latvian IT cluster (the organisation bringing together IT businesses from Latvia) that became the European Digital Innovation Hub, we have inherited the dozens of years of experience and expertise accumulated by the IT cluster. It encompasses over 30 local and international projects that have facilitated the digital development of businesses in Latvia, stimulated various innovative IT solutions and strengthened collaboration between businesses, universities, associations and organisations.

Strategic partners in Europe

Promotion of digital skills and transforming businesses according to the current technology trends have always been the most important activities for the Latvian IT cluster and now also the European Digital Innovation Hub. And over the years we have accumulated substantial experience and skills.

To become an ever smarter digital development guide for businesses, we are currently involved with several significant European Union and Baltic Sea region projects.

Baltic Sea region hub network 


The project aims to make Digital Innovation Hubs a significant competitiveness and growth facilitator for businesses in the Baltic Sea region. The project provides hubs with knowledge, visibility and efficient tools to help small and medium-sized enterprises. For example, a “How digital are you?” quiz has been created to measure the digital maturity of businesses.

Strengthening Digital Innovation Hubs

BOWI (Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs)

The project is part of the European Union Horizon 2020 programme and was created to strengthen collaboration between European Digital Innovation Hubs and small and medium-sized enterprises. Over the course of the project four digitalisation experiments will be carried out by Latvian digital technology companies.

Collaboration in the area of Big Data 


The project aims to foster collaboration between European Digital Innovation Hubs and businesses working in the area of Big Data. Over the course of the project a European-level catalogue of data sources as well as Big Data based services and solutions will be created. This catalogue will be available to European entrepreneurs, encouraging sharing and experiments with this data as well as developing data and services compatibility.

Collaboration in the area of artificial intelligence

AI DIH Network

This project initiated by the European Commission aims to promote continuous cooperation between European Digital Innovation Hubs in the area of artificial intelligence. The project bears particular significance, as AI helps entrepreneurs substantially improve many product manufacturing processes.

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